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There was a phase when Indian traditional dresses took a backseat in the fashion world, and there were many reasons for this. But, slowly, and then all at once, they started to make an appearance everywhere; and now, going the desi way is not so boring or uncool anymore. We have brands to back us up and designers who have come up with so many options that it kind of gets overwhelming to choose just one. I now wait for an opportunity to doll up in Indian dresses, and never let go of a chance to wear these.

There was a total fashion freeze for the longest time and we felt like there was no innovation in the traditional dresses line because Anarkalis took over. They practically ruled the racks before there were others entrants, but all said and done, you cannot get enough of these, and that’s why a part of me will always look for these every time I go shopping. Anarkalis are long and voluminous, and the A-line cut starts way above the hips. From cotton to tulle, lace, and zari, Anarkalis will always have a considerable market share, and no one can change that.

SHRUTI SANCHETI, the brand that houses one of exclusive range of classic, couture & prêt collection which makes it one of the most sought after shopping destination for women.. Everything is crafted with an incredible range of fabrics and appliqué work. The classic collections of its timeless designs and ensembles for every woman are versatile and aesthetically appealing.

“SHRUTI SANCHETI” was launched in December 2009 by Shruti Sancheti, with a vision to establish not just another generic fashion label but a brand that breaks traditional molds to dictate new rules of design.

“SHRUTI SANCHETI” is ready to wear retail-centric label that believes in wear-ability, celebrates femininity and always chooses comfort while keeping a strong design aesthetic at the fore. Combined with elegance, a sense of timelessness and sophistication, it offers fluid and classic styles at competitive prices. The brand is deeply inspired by the rich treasure trove of Indian textiles and craftsmanship. It has extensively promoted and worked with weaves, embroideries and craft’s from a different part of the country and is a proponent of the less is more philosophy.

Winspring look


                                                Photography by Arun Lall

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